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About Stark


STARK Corporation Public Company Limited or “STARK” is a private organization which focuses on investment in manufacturing and services in the industrial sector.

STARK has entered into a public organization in 2019 With a subsidiary company, Phelps Dodge International (Thailand) Co., Ltd., wire and cable manufacturer for 5 decades with finest quality and world-class standard. Phelps Dodge International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is market leader in Thailand and Southeast Asia, and being recognized in both local and international markets in over 30 countries around the world.

STARK performs its businesses with Operational Excellence principle, its products and services are also certified with world-class standards. Due to our superb performance, enabling customers, investors and business partners to praise us as a leader in all industry investment solutions.

Under the management of STARK Corp, we ensure to deliver prosperity and sustainable growth to our customers, investors and business partners, due to our business vision

" Be Ultracompetitive
In Everything We Do. "
Our vision
Stark Corporation Public company limited

Our Values
What make us Success

★ Compassion in the workplace
★ Bold Decision Commitment leads to success
★ Respect for the individual
★ Fostering Equality
★ Growth mindset
★ Time-efficient
★ Conducting business with Integrity



Established the company under the name Phelps Dodge Thailand Co., Ltd.


New management structure set to be 100% Thais and changed its name to Phelps Dodge


Established a public company and registered in the Stock Exchange under the name of STARK Corporation Public Company Limited or “STARK Corp” with Phelps Dodge International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as one of the businesses under STARK Corp management.

Organization Structure

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  • Mr. Chanin Yensudchai

  • Mr. Vonnarat Tangkaravakoon

  • Mr. Chinawat Assavapokee

  • Mr. Nirouth Jeakvathanyoo

  • Mr. Sathar Chantrasettalead
    Director / Company Secretary


  • Dr. Songpope Polachan
    Independent Director

  • Mr. Kusol Sangkananta
    Independent Director

  • M.L. Peputtchai Benyabadhana
    Independent Director

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  • Mr. Songpope Polachan
    Chairman of Audit Committee

  • Mr. Kusol Sangkananta
    Audit Committee

  • M.L. Peputtchai Benyabadhana
    Audit Committee
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  • Mr. Kusol Sangkananta
    Chairman of Nomination and Remuneration Committee
  • M.L. Peputtchai Benyabadhana Nomination and Remuneration Committee
  • Mr. Chinawat Assawapokee Nomination and Remuneration Committee
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  • Mr. Prakorn Makjumroen
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Mr. Sathar Chantrasettalead
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Mr. Kittisak Jitprasertngam
    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Mr. Phichet Lochanachit
    Chief Technical Officer

  • Mr. Nirouth Jeakvathanyoo
    Chief Human Resources Officer (Acting)

  • Mr. Seree Yootanawaraporn
    Chief Operation Officer (Acting)